Church Vision

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The Northwest church of Christ is a family of believers, united by our belief in Jesus Christ as our Savior.  We are growing in our faith while helping others come to know God and his Son through the study of the Bible and through living out Christianity in our day-to-day lives.

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This summer we are exploring the beliefs and practices of the early church as seen in Acts.  We will discover and learn to employ these timeless kingdom practices in our modern context.  Come and join us for this challenging series of lessons from the Word.


Please mark your calendars and begin preparing to participate and contribute to our Mission Possible event scheduled for August 7th-10th, 2014.  Activities this year will be focused on food distribution and home repairs for those in need within our community.

We will start collecting food  items  for  distribution  in  early  July.   Watch  the bulletin for a list of food items for our collection.  We will need financial contributions to fund our repair projects.  We do not use funds from our regular contribution or budget for Mission Possible.  This is by design.  We want support for this effort to come directly from those participating and from those who desire to support this financially but are perhaps unable to participate directly.

Your generosity was outstanding last year.  We provided a substantial amount of food for approximately 50 families in our community.  We used the money to repair the homes of elderly people, single mothers, the unemployed, the disabled, and struggling families of our nearby community.  Last year we repaired roofs, replaced bathrooms, repaired gutters, repaired sub-floors damaged from water leakage, replaced leaky pipes, repaired broken windows, added handrails to safely assist elderly folks getting into their homes, and a few other things.

Our intention is to do good in our neighborhood, cultivate some relationships, and look for opportunities to share the gospel. Please consider how you might participate and contribute to this effort. Additional details will be coming soon.  See Sam H. Pace for more info.


Westminster, Colorado